About half a year ago me and my wife decided to seriously take care of our health. We both are in our 40s and have grown children who already live by themselves. With time we don’t get younger unfortunately but staying healthy can make us live longer. On of the health issues we wanted to eliminate was snoring. We have been snoring for years but seemed to never have time to treat it properly. Now when it finally came we consulted our family doctor about a helpful remedy for us. He advised us to try Pure Sleep mandibular advancement. He said that it will open airway in throat this reducing air turbulence and leading to a good night’s sleep. It sounded like just what we needed and we order 2 devices right there, from his cabinet.

silent-partner-deviceThe saving pair came in a week. I can’t describe how happy we were. It even seemed unbelievable that this small thing can put an end to our disturbed rest at night. Also, I need to mentioned that it is latex-free and it was important for us since my wife is allergic to latex. We decided to make needed adjustments and set it right how we need it right away so that in case something goes wrong we would not spend half of the night fitting them. We read about an installation technique and warning that we need to be very careful and serious about it since if we do it wrong, we will not be able to redo it. This pure sleep review inspects the pros and cons of this device in more depth. Prior to setting the Pure Sleep mouth pieces we boiled them for less than a minute and then bit on them, each 3 times. Hopefully, we did everything right. The day passed quite fast since we were impatient to try our devices at night. We asked our daughter to come stay with us for a night to check whether we were snoring or not. The next morning, she said that everything was silent. These were good news, but bad ones were that my jaw felt quite sore and my wife was drooling. Good that the doctor warned us about it and these feelings indeed went away in 4-5 days. It was about half a year ago and today we still use our Pure Sleep devices and are quite satisfied.